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Monster Soup

Children's book written and illustrated by Beth Cusack. A great gift or activity for birthdays at home, rainy days, and staycations.

Amazon reviews of her children's book, Making Monster Soup:

"This is a great interactive book for kids. We loved reading it together and then getting down and dirty in the kitchen. These are the type of things kids will remember from their childhood. Turn off the screen and order this book to make lasting memories with your little ones."

"What a fun and imaginative children’s book! It was enjoyed by the whole family! We loved the creativity, catchy rhyming, and colorful illustrations throughout. My 3-year-old son can’t wait to make 'monster soup' now!"

"I believe the kitchen is the Rock on which a household is built. Beth's book will greatly help to remove children's kitchen fears, the kind that keep them from trying new things. Even better than that, it teaches that sometimes you do make things that aren't edible or don't turn out good, and that's all right. All of this is buried inside an absolutely delightful activity that I've never even heard of - Monster Soup!"


Mascot: Memoirs from a Zinc Mining Town

Since 2017, Beth has donated all this book's royalties (more than $900) back to the East Tennessee community to promote literacy programs with Friends of Knox County Public Library

Mischief and mysteries, work and play highlight life in a company-owned mining town during the mid-20th century. Residents of Mascot, Tennessee, share their stories through interviews and personal writings that celebrate small-town living.

Amazon reviews of Mascot: Memoirs from a Zinc Mining Town:

"I grew up on a riverside farm at the edge of town during this era. It brought back some great memories, many I hadn't thought about in what seems like forever. Even if you didn't grow up in Mascot, the stories capture the time period so well that it would be worth the read."

"A leap back in time. A more simple time...but a deeper time. Family, food, friends, community, and faith were all celebrated in this collection of stories. I couldn't put this down. I myself have never been to Mascot but now I can't wait to go!!"

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