About Beth

Beth Cusack, husband Tim, and their rescue dog Marsha “reverse-nested” out of their home of 20 years to move to her parents’ town in Texas. Their two sons use their old home while commuting to college.

Making Monster Soup was a project where she got to look back on her childhood and her sons' childhood. She wants to share this family tradition with other families. This is her first children's book that she wrote and illustrated in watercolor and ink.

In 2009, Beth pioneered a Tennessee community project while raising her family in Texas. She conducted personal interviews with neighbors in the town where her maternal grandparents lived. The result of compiling correspondence and interviews was 39 chapters written in the voices of 39 authors. In 2017, she published that project into a book, Mascot: Memoirs from a Zinc Mining Town. Since she and her mother were co-editors, Beth donates the royalties of the Mascot book to the Friends of the Knox County Public Library in honor of her grandparents who lived in Mascot over 60 years.

Both her books are available on Amazon. She’s available for art commissions, article writing, editing, and looking for a publisher for her poetry collection.