I'm delighted you visited! I am sharing new content over the coming weeks thanks to suggestions from visitors. This website is more than a portfolio of my art and writing - it's our website. I write blogs to inspire your Creative Side. There's a kids' page to discover the fun to be had at home - an extension of my book Making Monster Soup. With a little imagination, we can make chores turn into as much fun as a scavenger hunt. I will be posting videos of me reading my poems (once I get my hair under some control) as well as weekly writing prompts for you.

I welcome your suggestions on how to make this website more engaging. Off screen, I'm editing and organizing my poetry into a book to publish this year. I'm open to collaborations and commissions involving art, editing and writing non-fiction, fiction, and poetry.



I enjoy doing custom writing and art. Also I edit anything from resumes to prose. Please get in touch to find out more about me and my work.

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Thanks for your support as I write my poetry book for 2021. My work at art and writing is mostly a labor of love. Thanks for the ways you support my creative efforts. My 2017 Mascot: Memoirs from a Zinc Mining Town book is a 100% labor of love.  I've donated all royalties to Friends of Knox County Public Library (now totaling over $900).