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setting table_02-28-2021_0146.jpg

Coloring Page 2: Table Setting

You're the family table-setter for a meal.

Here's a guide to remind you how to traditionally set a table with silverware.

But you might make your own with a bowl and chopsticks. Or some other way to set your family's table.

Draw what you'd like to see on the plate.

Is it something you want to learn to cook?

Is it silly? Delicious? Stinky? Hot? Cold?

Something you've never tasted? A favorite meal?

You're welcome to add anything else to the picture and color it as you like.

dusting monster_01-06-2021_0116.jpg

Coloring Page 1: Dusting

Here's a monster I drew in my book Making Monster Soup. Today, this monster is dusting. I encourage you to add your own drawings to this picture. Here's some things to imagine:

1. What is this monster using to dust? A bowling ball? A flower? A cloth made of fairy fabric?

2. What is this monster dusting?

3. What story would this monster share about dusting? Write your own or share it!

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