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Dare You to Write about One of Your Family's Unique Traditions

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

You might immediately jump to holidays. But you don't have to stop there. Think of minutia and the everyday chores or activities too. I challenge you to write, journal, or record one of your family's (or friends if you prefer) traditions.

Keep these aspects in mind as you write freely:

  • Describe everyday habits or methods within your family. Like cooking, cleaning, entertaining

  • Describe unique phrases your family uses that you'd need to define or explain to others

  • How does your family bring a unique, distinct twist to a challenge, milestone, holiday, occasion?

  • Does your family have a private aspect and a public aspect? Or is there no division?

  • What is like when others visit your family in the home?

To take this exercise further:

Try rewriting what you wrote freely in different styles. Like poetry, haiku, prose, a technical manual, a children's book, a novella, a play. Have fun with it!

Darkness and dysfunction may surface as you write. Just keep writing. Sometimes writing takes us places that we don't expect. That's what makes it my daily adventure.

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