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Don't like art you did? Consider this trick (Thanks again, Ben)

My son Ben shared this elegant repurposing trick for his watercolor paintings. Paper is a precious resource. Especially the expensive heavy weight kind that I've just now overcome my reluctance to use (was too afraid to make mistakes then). The time you spent doing your art is precious too.

BEFORE you get disgusted and send that art to the recycle bin (where it may or may not actually get recycled), try Ben's clever idea. Here's my interpretation of the steps (For visual learners, check out my instagram video of me using same trick)

  1. Cut the picture into strips - up to you on length and width.

  2. Then like a pie crust, you start with three strips, alternating the one cross strip over and under the other two perpendicular strips.

  3. Then you continue to add strips vertically and horizontally, alternating over and under as you would in basic weaving

For Kids on Rainy Days: A variation on this theme is to save your greeting cards and magazines you no longer want to keep. Keep them tucked away for rainy day fun. I imagine your kids would get no end of enjoyment out of reweaving a celebrity's face into silly ways or merge two faces together. The possibilities are endless!

The picture in this post is a recent weave of watercolor and crayon I did. I love the way the colors come together. Kind of like making a quilt or a pie but not spending extra resources of time to get the same effect. Can't compete with the taste of pies, of course. I use these weaves to make personalized greeting cards. Might use this technique to design a quilt too!

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