JUNK DRAWER SELFIE: Turn Your Junk Drawer into a Classified Ad about You

So today I decided to analyze and rethink a junk drawer in my home. Perhaps this is a silver lining in the pandemic for me.

As I look in detail at my junk drawer I'm thinking about these things:

  • What or how can I reuse/recycle these things that might go to the trash?

  • Full Disclosure: Before the photo I took the fast food utensil bags and sauce packets out of the pic, BUT I plan to write those fast food companies' headquarters and businesses and ask them to ASK customers FIRST if they want a straw or utensil in their bag. Or to consider biodegradable alternatives, etc. (I use these packets months later between grocery store runs and tell myself one day I will make sauces from scratch)

Here's my actual Junk Drawer Classified Ad exercise:

  • What DOES this junk drawer say about me?

  • Now, it's critical to get past the first impulse to say things to yourself like AWFUL, GUILT, SHAME, I'll never do this again, I'm going to become Marie Kondo in 2021.

  • Think first of the things that this junk drawer says about you in a POSITIVE light. (I'll share my first draft at a classified ad below)

  • Think next of what things in this junk drawer tell me about ways I can improve going forward.

Here's my classified ad inspired by this junk drawer:

Resourceful lover, into a wide array of homemade crafts. Happiness is hours spent in a hot kitchen. I do my best to keep things together so stick around if you are a kindred spirit who appreciates twist tie sculptures, burning wood artistically, and replacing smoke alarms batteries often since I'm so smoking hot.

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