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Let Loose the Resale (and donations)

let loose the resale be glib with the sea of stuff as the tide rolls out.

I can hear my sons groaning on this one. I wrote this haiku this morning while thinking about all our family adventures and treasures to release or to be found at garage sales.

When I was a teenager, I'll never forget how EXCITED a guy was to buy some of my grandparents' Eames furniture that my parents were selling at our garage sale. The guy was nearly crawling on our front yard. My parents let me keep two of those Eames chairs made from parachute straps circa 1950s. Many cats have slept in those expensive canopies. They're not mint anymore but they are treasured by our family in their own way.

My sons groan because they always agreed to give away or sell their toys over the years. As parents we never secretly did give/sell any of their stuff without their permission. But they have regretted more than once giving certain toys away. Like Masters of the Universe toys. And Yugioh or Magic the Gathering Cards.

Our son Benjamin Cusack has saved me from hastily giving some things away. I once bought a 50th Anniversary copy of The Hobbit (gold and in its box) for 50 cents. Then I was ready to give it away for free on the curb. He rescued it and has it on his bookshelf.

Ben is wise beyond his years. His advice for when you are going through stuff you want to give away - especially memorabilia - BE SURE to take a photograph of it at least. Then you have the memory of that item that someone else can enjoy.

Actually, with the pandemic, I haven't attended or held a garage sale yet. I've taken to 2 methods:

1. Give something away on the doorstep for free on Nextdoor

2. Donating stuff drive-thru to the local place that resells stuff for their outreach - All Community Outreach in Texas.

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