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Making Handmade Books

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The video below showcases the fifth handmade book I've made for friends and family.

Reasons I enjoy doing this:

  • Fun to pull poems together

  • Practice of my watercolor skills (Each painting I did was done only once, mistakes or no. No redos.)

  • Results in a unique and personalized gift for someone I love

Steps I took to make the book:

  • Assemble poems, print them out

  • Think of images to paint for some or all

  • Decide on the order of poems (quotes, prose, memories) in book

  • Cut pages to size I wanted so that they had sufficient margins

  • Handwrite and paint the insides

  • Make the cover from the hard board at the back of a drawing pad

  • Find needles, ruler, waxed thread/floss and follow this SeaLemon youtube video:

  • Stitch according to the youtube video

Voila! You have a great gift and a chance to practice your skills in one tiny project. What I love about single stitch book binding is that the pages in this book - no matter HOW thick the art paper is - will lay flat so you can leave it open to a favorite set of pages.

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