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Oww! Online Writing Woes

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Online writing woes. Is it real for you? I'd like to share what I've noticed during the time I've been on several social media platforms and check email throughout the day.

Please share your experiences with online writing woes.

Signs for me that I might be better off with a computer break:

Over-analyzing posts I start to analyze what I posted on social media too often. Does anyone else do this? Do you find yourself sitting on top of twitter analytics watching your post sit still OR perhaps sky rocket with a trending hashtag? Do you worry you've offended someone? Or might come across as strange or misunderstood?

Suggestion: Think of a positive spin to add to your post. Are you adding to the conversation? Sharing a different perspective? Does your post engage a reader/viewer or just sound like a soap box or a closed declaration?

Email anxiety Anxious about something you sent in email? Do you find your self checking several times to see if someone responded yet? Do you read what you sent in email after you sent it? Or maybe more than once?

Suggestion: Email is a trap at certain times. If what you need to communicate is something you're worried about having misunderstood or might offend then you're always better of with face-to-face (if possible) or a phone call. Don't let your email become a reactive platform. Be proactive and start to check it a few times throughout the day. Plus if someone senses you're very responsive on email then it can become a trap where you get over-committed with new tasks getting dropped in your inbox more often and/or find yourself not taking a much need computer break.

Social media endorphins addiction Do you notice that social media becomes like a little hit of endorphins during a less than ideal day? As in this thought comes across your mind, I'm bored or I'm frustrated with how that phone conversation went or how the day went...time to post something that will get me some recognition, positive feedback, affirmation, engagement.

Suggestion: I've been fighting this for months now. It's not easy. Just don't become a hermit. Reach out to family and friends. Call. Visit. Have fun. Look into someone's eyes and smile.

Typing or writing by hand debate If you're a writer, I've heard some say that writing by hand is a better method for poetry especially. What do you think? Do you write better work on paper? Or does it make a difference? Is it different for certain types of people? Does your writing go differently whether you're on a computer or with a pen? Or, I wonder if more folks could get something out of recording them saying a story or poem off the cuff out loud? I bet I'd get some more nicely metered poems from that.

Suggestion: Might not hurt to try out writing with pen and paper instead of exclusively on the computer. Play around and find out what works for you.

Over-emotional, Over-reactive writing indicators When I'm in my more emotional mind and writing email or texting, I start to use lots of periods between words. Or a few exclamation points. And that's not necessarily a problem but it's an indication to me that if I'm writing something factual, businesslike or technical then I need a computer break! Also some words start creeping in - love and hate, never and always.

Suggestion: When absolutes or emotional punctuation creeps into your writing it might be time to get centered away from the computer.

Writers Block or Fatigue If you've been writing for a long while, then take a brief break or start a new day but still find yourself dreading the return to writing. Listen to that. Dread or fear or the word should needs to be set aside as best as you can.

Suggestion: Redirect your thoughts to something more positive. Get your body moving through dance or exercise. Work creatively on something else and return to your writing when you feel less dread.

Don't get too caught up with the online flock. You be you.

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