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Looking at Yourself

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Do you harbor an inner voice like me that on some level scorns people who post selfies? I'm learning to recognize that voice and then set it aside to keep an open mind. Maybe because I'm shy? Or intimidated by those who exude such confidence, proper use of light and makeup.

I'm an introvert (perhaps more of an ambivert) so I might go hours without looking directly at another person's eyes. Even those close to me. Talking to someone about how I feel, I generally look everywhere but the listener's eyes. I spent most of my years as a young mother on the photographer's side of a camera.

So the thought of taking a selfie or of looking at myself in the mirror other than to analyze appearance doesn't come naturally to me. But I'm realizing that taking time actually looking at myself, approvingly, in a mirror or a camera turned back on myself is a good practice. Self-love and acceptance is an anchor for love towards those around me.


  • Take a moment to affirm yourself at the mirror and look directly into your eyes.

  • Or try taking a selfie.

  • Maybe even post it if you like.

  • Sometimes getting the silly poses out (like I did in these pics) is a good warmup for the genuine selfie.

The older I get, the less I feel the need to please or impress others. I just want to be true to who I am. Maybe you don't need time and age to accept this. Kudos to you!

Here's me having some fun with selfies from this morning.

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