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Procrastination as Shadow and Light

put someday behind you and let it be the wind that sails you through now.

My Nana kept a worn "When I get a Roundtuit" potholder for years. She lived life well as best as she could all the way up to 102 years. Procrastination can be a powerful actionyielding inspiration in the 11th hour. Creative ideas synthesize into clarity with a looming deadline...sometimes.

But shadow procrastination keeps people from being their authentic self or living their dream. Shadow procrastination needs evaluating.

Some basic questions to help evaluate your procrastination:

  • What have I got to lose by waiting? By making a mistake?

  • What could I gain by taking action? By affirming my dream? By affirming my genuine self?

  • What could I win or achieve by delaying?

  • What could I lose by taking action? By taking action toward my dream?

  • Do I have a support network?

My Flying Pig Mobile (self-hardening clay, wire, fishing line, balsa wood, acrylic paint)

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