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School Vouchers: Many Texas families can’t necessarily use them

Rural - Rural areas often have only public-schools so there would often be no way to use a voucher. While Texas is responsible for educating more rural students than any other state in the country — 700,000+ (in 2019), Texas spends far less than most states.

Special needs - Families with special needs students develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) with their public school. Many private and charter schools are not equipped to offer special needs IEP services. In 2019, 8.9% of Texas students have IEPs.

Poorer – In 2018, 60.6% of students were identified as economically disadvantaged, so they qualified for free or reduced-price meals. Public schools offer free transportation; charter and private don’t. Free and reduced-price meals aren’t often an option in private school either.

English Language Learners – Several private and charter are not equipped or funded to offer special language programs and staff. 1 in 5 Texas Students are English Language Learners. Texas serves about 20% of the nation’s English learners

photo by cottonbro

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