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School Vouchers: What might end up on the chopping block?

What might end up on the chopping block if public schools don’t have enough funds to offer all the services we’ve come to expect?

Of course, it varies greatly from school district to district, but here’s some possibilities of what gets cut in random order:

· Fewer athletics programs

· Less pre-K availability (students perform better overall with this added year of school)

· English-language learners struggle to pass the state’s standardized testing

· Less money to retain teachers

· Public schools can’t keep up with inflation because they can’t pass costs on to the consumers unlike private schools

· Ensure immigrant families have a means to connect to the U.S. education system

· Fewer Special Education teachers

· Fewer Teachers' aides

· Fewer bus drivers, crossing guards and security personnel

· Fewer libraries and nurses

· Fewer art, music, and PE programs

· Larger classroom sizes

photo by cottonbro

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