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SCOTUS Docket: I'm Cherry Picking Some Tomatoes (Could Turn Out Rotten?)

Why am I sharing what Supreme Court cases I’ll be following?

Here's some reasons I'm sharing what Supreme Court cases I'm following now through November:

1. I encourage you to see what cases are of interest to you.

2. These cases involve issues that lead to difficult discussions to have with other people you meet.

3. SCOTUS decisions have lasting impact on our nation.

4. These rulings demonstrate the limitations of our Constitution.

5. Interpretation of law by the justices is key.

6. SCOTUS rulings can be reversed. If we believe something should be enshrined as law, then we need to get it committed as law through the legislative process.

Click here for a Calendar list of cases

You can watch Live Oral Argument (begins at 10am EST) at SCOTUS site

2 news articles with previews of this SCOTUS term - Yahoo and National Public Radio

Here’s some SCOTUS cases that I will be following:


Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency Oct 3rd

Keywords: Clean Water Act, definition of “waters”

Merrill v. Milligan Oct. 4th

Keywords: Voting Rights Act, African American voters, Congressional maps

Reed v. Goertz Oct. 11th

Keywords: DNA evidence, prisoners, crime scene evidence

Students for Fair Admissions Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard College Oct. 31st

Keywords: Affirmative action, race, college admission (Judge Jackson recuse since she served on Board of Overseers at Harvard)

Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. University of North Carolina Oct. 31st

Keywords: Title VI Equal Protection Clause, affirmative action, college admission, public university


Jones v. Hendrix Nov 1st

Keywords: Habeas corpus, felon

Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Indiana v. Talevski Nov 8th

Keywords: Legal rights and protections for people with disabilities

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Haaland v. Brackeen Nov 9th

Keywords: Indian Child Welfare Act, Native American

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photo by Wendy Wei, pexels

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