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Why I Dropped Facebook but Kept Twitter

The top reasons I dropped Facebook

1. Little original content: I'd scroll through my feed of people I follow and find little original content, as in the person posts their own images or writing. Too many times people just basically copy pasted someone else's cute/silly/biting/sarcastic/meme-like post usually without any comment.

Twitter experience: I've not followed family or people I've met in person outside of virtually on twitter. I approached them to share poetry, writing and art. So I find community that focuses on original content. Twitter is geared for writing content.

2. No credit: People I follow post someone else's content they don't even give credit (give attribution) to the source. This offends the writer and historian demons in me who feel strongly about giving credit and citing sources every time. I won't rail against bad grammar or spelling but I dislike it when people fail to give credit on reposted stuff or failing to cite articles.

Twitter experience: This still happens a lot on Twitter. But I tend to follow and work with folks who DO give credit and/or attribution, even in the face of character limits.

3. Ranters: On Facebook I followed only friends and family for the most part. So I feel that I need to check on their posts and to gauge where they're at. What's going on in their lives. But since I know these people somewhat, I get troubled by the folks using social media as a place to rant. I've learned some folks on social media want to just vent. They're not looking for a solution. They may not even be looking for sympathy. They just want to rant. In putting it into a post they sometimes tell me they feel better? But meanwhile I find myself worried and feeling miserable for that person that they're so angry or upset about something. It stays with me long after.

Twitter experience: This is here on Twitter but I've given myself permission to focus on posting content BUT minimally liking and supporting others' writing content.

4. Crisis Posts: I follow friends and family on Facebook. I admit I'm terrified that I might miss a post indicating a dire situation by someone reaching out for help. Why do people operate this way? If I miss these posts, I worry that they'll think I don't care. But I have learned that the only way I can approach social media at all is to give myself permission to focus on MOSTLY only sharing my content to inspire others and/or get them to reflect or enjoy a quiet moment.

5. Can't have discussion in a public forum: In addition to sharing creative writing and my art, I do feel called to engage in posts on issues that I care about. I have replied to the governor, the POTUS, the attorney general, and several other prominent folks. On Facebook, I had a heck of a time finding where my replies went, where to find replies to my replies, and in general spent too much time getting lost in rabbit holes of angry people. I did receive one small claim to fame. My civil post and pointed questions must have gotten to the Attorney General since he replied once to what I posted by mentioning my name and stating #fakenews.

Twitter experience: Discussion threads are EASY to follow here. It's as if Twitter was built for conversation/discussion. I can easily find my post and find replies to my posts. That is key to participating in a discussion/argument.

Sometimes the BEST strategy (in direct message or in reply post)

When I notice a discussion turns hostile, thanks to my husband's suggestion...I've learned to ask something akin to:

"Are you feeling okay? Do you need someone to talk to?"

Here's the amazing range of reactions I've gotten from those two powerful questions:

  • No answer but the argument gets squelched.

  • They answer I'm fine thanks for asking.

  • One asked sarcastically back if I was feeling okay. To that I said I'm doing fine. Just trying to be civil as best as I can in the state of Texas. They didn't prod further.

  • One answered I'm not okay and here's why...Then after some further posts that person thanked me for listening and their tone visibly changed.

So please share your experiences on Facebook and Twitter. I wish you well in your social media endeavors whatever platforms you choose to use.

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